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It will be equally bad when you either underachieve or overachieve.

快樂心經 Happiness Code
快樂心經 不埋怨要感恩, 不貪心要知足, 不爭功要分享, 不記恨要寬恕, 不批評要讚美, 不恐懼要心安, 不衝動要忍耐, 不嫉妒要欣賞, 不發怒要微笑, 不計較要寬宏, 不拖延要積極, 不自私要捨得, 不自誇要謙虛, 不氣餒要振作, 不欺騙要誠信。 Happiness Code Do not complain and learn be grateful. Do not be greedy and learn to be content. Do not grab credits and learn to share. Do not bear grudges and learn to be optimistic. Do not criticize and learn to praise. Do not be afraid and learn to be at ease. Do not be impulsive and learn to be patient. Do not be jealous and learn to be appreciative. Do not be angry and learn to smile. Do not be calculating and learn to be liberal. Do not be discouraged and learn to pull yourself together. Do not procrastinate and learn to be positive. Do not boast and learn to be modest. Do not procrastinate and learn to be positive. Do not procrastinate and learn to be positive. Do not cheat and learn to be honest.
我喜歡這段話 I like this article
我喜歡這段話: 人,往往在貪欲中失去幸福;在忙碌中失去健康; 在懷疑中失去信任;在計較中失去友情。 人不爭,一身輕鬆; 事不比,一路暢通;心不求,一生平靜。 每個人都有自己的活法,沒有必要去複製別人的生活。有的人表面風光,暗地裡卻不知流了多少眼淚 ; 有的人看似生活窘迫,實際上卻過得瀟灑快活。 幸福沒有標準答案,快樂也不止一條道路,收回羡慕別人的目光,反觀自己的內心。自己喜歡的日子,就是最好的日子 ; 自己喜歡的活法,就是最好的活法。 不知不覺中,我們漸漸老了,累了,該歇就歇,身體重要 ; 困了,該睡就睡,別總熬夜 ; 餓了,該吃就吃,別再節省。一輩子很短,眨眼就過完,不要把好東西留到最後,省來省去,啥都得不到。 別和小人計較,別和家人生氣,別和自己過不去,讓心情不美麗,活一天,就開心一天,過一天,就舒服一天。破事不放心裡,兩耳不聽碎語。 I like this article To: All of us who are gradually growing old People tend to lose their happiness amid pursuing their desires; lose their health amid being busily occupied; lose their trust amid being in doubt; lose their friendship amid being calculating. Once one is not in dispute, one will become happy and gay all over; once one is not competing, one will enjoy smooth sailing all the voyage; one is not in overly earnest pursuit, one will have a peaceful and quiet life. Everyone has his own way of living and there is no need to pattern after the life of others. Others who may appearing enjoying a relatively glorious living may shed their tears behind their backs. And others who may look like living in poverty may live an elegant and gracious life. There is no standard answer for happiness. There are more than one way to leading to joyfulness. It is advisable to look your inner self rather than casting admiring eyes at others. The days you like are the best possible days for you. The ways of living you enjoy are the best possible ways of living for you. Unknowingly, we all grow old. We should take a rest when we feel tired. Health is all important. When we feel drowsy, we should go to bed and should not sit up late. When we feel hungry, we should eat and do not skimp. Life is short and can be compared to a twinkle of eyes. It is not advisable to keep good things to the last. One saves here and there and one ends up gaining nothing. Do not compete or compare with those inferior to you. Do not become angry with your family folks. Do not make life difficult for ourselves. As we live, we should live everyday happily and enjoyably. We should not take to heart or listen to any trifling matters or pointless gossips.
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